Summer Lovin with my Best Bud

Summer Lovin’

July 16, 2012

Do you have a friend who you can call right now and it will feel like nothing has changed since you last talked?

Even though you have not talked in days, weeks, months or years?

I do!

One of the hardest things about deciding to settle my life in the Ottawa Valley is leaving my friends in the Quinte Region. Three hours might seem like its far, but it is still a trip.

I love Arnprior and Ottawa but one of the hardest things since moving here is making new friends to hang out with and spend time with. I have been lucky enough to keep extremely strong bonds with all of my friends and I love them all to death.

I am glad for summer visits when school is out and people can travel, I am blessed this week that my best, best friend in the whole world is here for the week to visit.

We have had our ups and downs but who hasn’t. But our friendship is as strong now as when we first met in high school.

In high school we watched Big Brother and called each other between commercial breaks.

Last night, it was so much better as we laughed and chatted on the couch.

I have a fun filled week planned for us exploring different Ottawa Valley events, and I hope she enjoys her time here as much as I do.

I have been very excited about my Blog and I have a few more blog posts that I think will come next. But I wanted to pop on really quick and say check back soon as I’m chilling with my best bud this week  🙂


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