Fertility Firsts


Have you ever had something that just throws off your entire week?

Monday was our first appointment at the Ottawa Fertility Centre and since then I have been a little off. Plus, there seems to be like a million and one things happen in our lives all at once.

I was impressed at how fast we were able to get an appointment but I was also anxious as the day quickly approached on our calendar.

My DH had not really said a lot about how he felt going into the appointment and that made me a little nervous as well. In some regard, I feel as the woman in the relationship it is my fault for not being able to conceive. Now, I know that is totally not true, but that is how I feel.

As we drove I read him the introduction letter to the centre and the words were difficult to read to him. I wondered if he felt devastated as to what was happening.


Click on the photo for part of the introduction letter 

We ended up getting to the appointment super early and the fact that the office spread over two floors was a little daunting to say the least.

When we got there we signed a consent form. I was frazzled by that to because my health card still has my maiden name. So should I sign my maiden name, by married name or hyphenated? I ended up going for hyphenated because, hey why not?

It was a short wait; I hardly had enough time to find a magazine to read.

The doctor called us in and was surprisingly really nice. He spoke clearly and calmly as he asked us about 100 questions or so. He was happy that we both don’t smoke, which was like yeah for us!

My mother had trouble conceiving me and we talked about my family history as well as DH’s history.

In the end he said that he was 99 per cent sure that it was polycystic ovarian syndrome but wanted to do a few other tests as well.

He also wanted to check for diabetes because with PCO you are at a greater risk of having that.

The one test he wanted to do later only if necessary (inserting air into your tubes) because he said it would be uncomfortable. I am sure that is doctors speak for it would hurt, a lot, so I am glad we are not doing this one.

I liked is analogy: if you hear hoofs outside your 99 per cent it is a horse but you have to check to make sure it was not a zebra.

Made sense to me!

So now we both have to undergo a few tests. I have three different ones; two have to be conducted on the third day of my period, so watch out (may be a little grumpy that day HA)!

So that was Monday and today is Thursday. There has been so much else going on this week; I felt that I hardly had a chance to talk with my DH.

As we sat last night watching Big Brother I finally let it all out. He seemed a little shocked and let me know that he is always there for me and it’s not my fault. He said he didn’t know what there was to talk about, silly guy J But was here any time I wanted him to talk about it. I love him.

The next step we have to wait to get all the tests done and then re-evaluate the situation. Sounds like there are some pretty good options but first we have to wait for the results.

“He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the LORD” Psalm 113: 9


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