Seven Quick Takes: Straight from the horse’s mouth

Horse's mouth!

I recently took the time to stop my busy life, slow down and take some pictures on the side of the road including this one.

  1. Change is Good: I fight change as much as I can but I am liking the new changes in my life right now. Change is sometimes hard to balance but with the correct tools you can learn to balance anything. I also love routine, so with this new change I have a wonderful routine that is very hard to break!
  2. Bills are Bills: I do not know how the Arts major in our family and vocal hater of all things math has come to be the person to organize and pay the bills. Key word is organized…but as I mentioned above, I like routine, I have a system and it works well, it’s not a refined system (no excel sheets here!) but it ensures that our bills are paid on time, which in the end is good J
  3. IOS6: It just makes your phone faster and better right? My DH actually had this scheduled in our calendar to make sure he knew when it was time to update. I like that when you take a picture you can automatically add it to Facebook or Twitter. But overall, nothing really that special, phone still makes phone calls.
  4. What’s my purpose again?: It is always wise to refocus your life every now and again so I found one of the three copies we own of The Purpose Driven Life By Rick Warren. So many valuable insights to emphasize that God created us and he has a distinct plan and purpose for each of us.
  5. Paint: I am determined that within the year we will paint our house. I took the first step in doing this by going to a few stores and picking up a bunch of paint sample books. I think I was born without the interior designer gene and now that we have a house of our own I feel that it is my duty to decorate it.
  6. Shed: We have a new shed! Our parents bought it for us as an early Christmas gift. Last summer during a wind storm our old shed ended up in our neighbours backyard!
  7. Kardashians: This show and family is my guilty pleasure. I like to zone out when watching and dive into their lavish lifestyle. The last episode I recently watched, I was shocked back into my real life. Khole is also battling fertility issues, they did not say on the show if she had PCOS but the doctor did reveal that she was not ovulating, one of the main problems with PCOS. I actually felt I could relate to what this super star was going through. I wish that when I have to go for tests it will be as efficient as her process. For now the next test is during my ‘menses’ which means I cannot go for the test until that happens. So more waiting, any guesses when my very irregular cycle will decide it is time to go? Me either but here’s hoping sooner than later.

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