Renfrew Fair Top 6


Going to the Renfrew Fair is one of my favourite fall traditions. Gathering together to see the top crops and other goodies, spending time with family and bumping into friends always makes me smile.

The 158th Renfrew Fair runs until Sunday, Sept. 9. The cost is reasonable for two adults, we did a night at the fair for $40. It cost $9 per person and $5 to park the car. I didn’t look at prices for rides and kids games but beware I’m sure it’s steep.

Go to the Fair this weekend and have some fun! For more information on the Renfrew Fair please Visit

Now here are my top six things at the Renfrew Fair!

6. Fair Food!!
Sorry no picture here because it was gone too fast! Carmel corn and fresh lemonade were so good! DH also likes bacon on a bun, I’m just not a big peameal bacon fan! Plus there is cotton candy, candy apples, slushies, hot dogs and more!

5. Demo Derby
Smash, crash, bang, I still don’t get why but it sure is fun to watch all the action!


4. Games!
I feel like such a kid playing the games and I love it! I was a skee ball champion this week, well I won four little fish stuffies.


3. Rides
Although we didn’t go on any rides this year nothing can beat a spin on the merry-go-round or a trip on the ferris wheel. It’s peaceful and relaxing!



2. The exhibit hall
I could literally spend hours in the hall, walking up and down the aisle seeing the vegetables, quilts, crafts, food anymore. I admire the hard work and dedication put into all of the items. I even put something’s in one year and I even won a few categories!





1. Making memories
It’s important to get out together and just have some fun. Our fair date was on the calendar for weeks, we laughed, smiled and enjoyed our time together away from the fair world and that was the best part!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Candace
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 13:03:19

    Wow! Amazing pictures Tiffany. Love it.


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