Discovering the #Arnprior Library

Cartoon Time

Most amazing thing ever!

The Arnprior Library actually does this. You can walk in with a magical, free little card and take out books, DVD’s, magazines and more.

I must admit I am falling in love with our library!


These large windows are the perfect place to sit and read a good book!

Fire place

A most relaxing place to read


Bright, spacious and full of possibilities

I like to read but have never really had the time to wander the aisle of a library and just pull out random books to explore. This summer I did have some time and you would often find me in one of the chairs by the large windows looking out over the water with a stack of books or magazines. Sometimes I would take some home, other times I left empty handed. The staff is also super friendly and most of them even greet me by name which makes me feel extra special!

Its fun reading about our local history

As a history major I started out in the local history department. I sat, on the floor quietly being transported into a different era as I thumbed the pages of the different books on the Arnprior area. More recently, I have taken a liking to researching Laura Secord and I am currently in the middle of book two and three on her. The library even helped me find a book on her that it did not own and were extremely helpful with me during the interlibrary loan process. What started out as an innocent Facebook inquiry quickly resulted in me holding Laura, a portrait of Laura Secord.

Betty Robertson in the Interlibrary Loans department even checked, without me asking, the library’s database to see if they had any other books on Laura Secord. Turns out I had the only adult non-fiction book already checked out! I was beyond impressed with the speed and high level of service I received when I ordered the book.


This is one of the many penny jugs the library has



Donate your pennies now!

Spare Change

Every time I wondered down to the library this summer I tried to fill my pockets beforehand so I could fill these giant water jugs with pennies!

Why pennies you might ask? It makes cents, really!

Earlier this year the Federal Government announced that it would be soon eliminating the penny. Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty suggested that Canadians donate their remaining pennies to local charities, what a good idea!

And that is how the latest Friends of the Library Fundraiser was born! The Friends, have guaranteed that every penny donated will go right back into the library. They are hoping to purchase a new sound system including; a microphone, speakers and an amplifier.

Instead of asking your friends and family for a penny for your thoughts ask them for a penny for the library!

The Friends are also hosting a contest to see if you can guess how many pennies they have collected thus far. They do have a container that you can view that holds $12.50 worth of pennies, the closest person to the answer will get a prize package valued at more than $75.

So Arnprior, it is time to dig deep and find all those loose pennies around your house and donate it to the library where it will help resident and our future generations enjoy more dramatic readings, music and author readings.

The contest closes on Sept. 30 so hurry up make some change happen and get to the library!

Go to the library now! 

If you go you will see some of these wonderful little spots (see more pictures below) to find books and more!

I promise you will like it!

Pick up a book and read it! You will thank me later.

The Arnprior Library is located at 21 Madawaska Street  in the heart of Arnprior, for more information on the Library Please visit


The possibilities are endless at the Arnprior Public Library


this is a great way to spend a Saturday night, free DVD’s to borrow, just need a library card

Chick Lit

This section has also been my best friend this summer

Coupon Exchange

Who doesn’t like a coupon exchange!

Kids Corner

I was with some friends kids one day and we just sat and read and played!


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