Celebrating 30 years, starting early!

Thirty sounds like a really scary number.

Thirty years old means you have been on this earth for three decades, 360 months, 10,957 days, 262, 974 hours, 15, 768, 000 minutes and 946, 707, 779 seconds.

Thank you Google for helping me compile those numbers in mere seconds, we did not have Google 30 years ago, how did we survive?

Regardless, how you count it 30 years is a long time!

I know when I was younger I set goals for myself and what I wanted to achieve by the time I reached 30, which seems like a real good age to be considered a grown up. Does this mean I am almost a grown up?

A number of my near and dear friends also turn 30 this fall. I remember High School was always so much fun in the fall when we got to celebrate turning 15, 16, 17 or 18! Now we are all planning celebrations to mark another milestone. Some friends know exactly what they want to do and others like I have no idea what to do!

Some highlights from 30 years of greatness

  • Went to NYC to meet Gary Betman, NHL commissioner, made National headlines for trying to send a Toronto Maple Leaf to the Olympics
  • Graduated from High School (Including Grade 13, remember that?), Loyalist College (journalism), Carleton University (BA History)
  • Travelled out west and lived on my own for more than a year
  • Met the man of my dreams, fell in love, got married
  • Bought a house and a car!
  • Have held a number of successful jobs in my field of study! Been promoted and honoured for my hard work and dedication
  • Pursued my dreams, worked hard for want I wanted to achieve

Most of all I am proud of the fact that I have stayed friends with most of my close high school friends. They have all shown what it means to have great friendships.

So with that I would like to mark the first 30th birthday celebration with a look back at some of my best buds who are turning 30 this year as well (or very soon).

Megs fixing my hair!

Megan is a golf pro-star, here we are at the 2012 Mark Fyke tournament.

Megs… We met in Grade 9 and I always wished that I could be a great basketball player just like you. I was average but you always encouraged me to play my hardest no matter what the situation. Over the years you have continued to encourage me when I needed a pick me up. Now instead of being basketball buddies we are golf buddies and buddies until the end.

Michelle and I at Prom! Orange was cool…

Michelle was my maid of honour when I got married

Michelle…your family took me in when I had nowhere to go. Your kindness and generosity has always impressed me. Although I do not remember when we first officially started to hang out I remember your fun personality and that you always knew what you wanted and did what you needed to do to achieve your goals.

During my wedding you were my rock, I do not know how I would have planned that party without you.

You are a mother to two beautiful children and if I am as half a good of Mom as you I will be doing ok.

You are the only person who can call me out and know what I need to hear even if I do not want to hear it. I appreciate it. You know what I need and I know you will always be there for me.

Sara and I at Grad 2001!!

Sara and I at the cottage, Summer 2012!

Sara…you and I are more alike than anyone else. We are honest with each other and can discuss anything, sometimes with too much detail. We were inseparable in high school and I would not want it any other way. No matter how much time passes we can always pick up right where we left off. I love it when we laugh together and I know we will accomplish anything.

Birthday buddies a few years ago!

Birthday Buds 2011

Colleen…we are birthday buddies and I would not want to share my bday with anyone else but you! I always admired your work ethic, you continue to impress me to this day, and as to how you do it I will never know. You are quiet but only until I pull out the lock game. I treasure each day I receive a handwritten letter from you in the mail.

Marky Mark and Williams Trenton High School 2001

Wedding time! My DH and I at Mark and Jen Sinkers wedding.

Marky Mark…remember Kindergarten hot dog days with our parents? Grade 5 when I came back you still remembered me and made me feel welcome. To this day you still make me feel welcome. You were the person I could always confide in; even now I know you understand me more because of our history. I admire your dedication and perseverance.

Trevor and I in 1999!

Trevor travelled from St.Catherines to Arnprior this summer to visit

Trevor… you are like a brother I never had. You are my oldest and dearest friend, kindergarten was 25 years ago and here we are today. You have given me the utmost confidence and re-assurance over the years. Your insight is always to the point, thought-out and kind. You have always had a kind heart and your work ethic is also second to none.

Without my family and friends I would be nowhere. Everyone has supported me through the good times and bad and I know they will be with me for another 30 years.

Happy 30th Birthday to all and next year please wish me happy 30th birthday again!


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