Flying high, I don’t like it!!

This looks like Arnprior from the sky!

This looks like Arnprior from the sky!


I hate flying

I know the means should justify the ends but my body overall does not like being in a plane.

We recently flew to the Dominican Republic for a friend’s wedding and I was really looking forward to it.

Before the trip, I now chalk it up to nerves, I was having painful cramps, so off to the hospital I went. After a wait…I finally saw the doctor after midnight. The doctor said he would check things out with the ultrasound to check on the baby.

After what seemed like forever the doctor reporter back…

‘He’s fine, he’s looking good and his heart is good.’

My first reaction was: HE?

You see I have thought it was a boy since day 1, I don’t know how or why but that’s what I thought.

Quickly, the doctor back stepped ‘I can’t confirm the sex but all looks good.’

Anyways, now it was really time to fly! Again I was looking forward to getting away, being with friends and the sunny sky.

That is until I realized I was pregnant. You see normally when I must fly Gravol is my best friend. I take it a few hours before and on the flight and all is good.

But when you are pregnant, regular Gravol is off limits.

Let me tell you ginger Gravol is worthless. I think over the entire trip I went through a whole box and I only think it made me feel better.

I was so hot on the plane I had them bring me cups of ice to put over my face, sounds weird but it worked.

As we left the Dominican it was worse. I sometimes get panic attacks in large groups and the air port down south was nothing like the ones in Canada.

I got pushed in line, the wait was long, I was nervous, tired and the air was dry.

Suddenly, I was finding it hard to breath and I knew I had to take my inhaler because I was having trouble breathing.

Now my Spanish sucks. I wish I watched Dora more before this trip.

However, I think doctor is a universal term because once I asked for one and showed them my inhaler I was whisked away.

Another thing that is universal, pointed to your stomach and saying baby, thankfully they understood not to give me anything to harm the baby.

After a treatment, which I have had off and on since I was a kid, I was as ready as I would ever be.

I recently wrote about flying in my column for work and it also sums up how I feel:

I do not think I was ever happier to be back in Canada and the snow!