Ultrasound #2

A profile shot from the second ultrasound

A profile shot from the second ultrasound


One of the best things about coming home from our trip was the anticipation of our second ultrasound.

I had started to feel the baby kick shortly before we left and the kicks were starting to come more often when we were away, so I was well aware of the little being that was inside of me.

Drinking water before an ultrasound and not emptying the water too soon is always a tough task and I was nervous going into the exam. What would we see? Is everything ok? I was glad my DH was able to attend.

I was surprised as to how long the ultrasound was, approximately 30-40 mins. The technician had a number of different measurements to take and she guided us through everything. I was amazed that we were able to see the four chambers of the heart, the blood flow going in and how of the different valves.

We saw the stomach, two arms, legs, toes, stomach, kidney and more, it was a tour of our baby inside of me! We even saw the baby move around and kick, although I did not feel it.

Now, I was anxious to find out the sex of the baby and to confirm what the emergency doctor had told us … was it really a boy? Well at first the baby had its legs crossed; we actually have quite a good photo of the legs crossed, where you can see the feet as well. After seeing all that we had I was ok if we didn’t find out the sex. Then the tech said do you really want to know the sex? Yes, of course I did. She said I can’t tell you 100 per cent but you take a look at the picture, it was clearly a boy! We will be very shocked if it turns out to be a girl!

The last shot the tech needed was a profile, which was easier said than done. I had to roll over a few times but there it was the money shot.

Wow you can see him so clearly!

Only a few more weeks now, so much to do but we are so excited and so blessed!



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