Seven Quick Takes for Friday March 8

1. Today the CIS Final 8 men’s basketball championships start at Scotiabank Place, I hope the Carleton Ravens win, we have tickets and will be there

2. Will the snow ever stop? Can someone fire the ground hog who said we would have an early Spring?

3. I’m really starting to enjoy watching curling, something I never thought would happen. The Tim Hortons Brier Finals will also be this weekend.

4. It’s official, I am in cleaning mode. We cleaned out my DH’s closet this week. I’ve been nesting for awhile now but it seems I have to get everything in order before the baby arrives.

5. Had my first OB appointment, glad to have a chance to ask a number of questions. So happy that I can take Gravol, Otrvin and Zantac 75! I was surprised that I will now see the doctor every 2-3 weeks!

6. No cravings yet!

7. My cat is still driving me crazy! I think he knows change is on its way!



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