Squishy ultrasound baby


Going in for an ultrasound has to be one of the most surreal things I have ever experienced. I am sure the next surreal thing will be holding my baby in my arms, but up until this point it has to be an ultrasound.

DH and I went for this Ultrasound at the Almonte Hospital, where the baby will be born and it was so nice and relaxed. The staff was so kind and made it easy.

I always get nervous before an ultrasound, have I had enough water, will they see what they are looking for, is that what my belly is supposed to look like?

Well, for starters I drank too much water. The ultrasound tech actually made me ‘empty my bladder’ because she was having such trouble. Other than that things went fairly smooth.

My OB had asked her to measure for two possible due dates, May 23 and June 7, when she did the June date she basically laughed. She said ‘if they make you keep this baby inside you until June 7 you will deliver a toddler.’ However, for the May 23 date the baby was measuring ‘bang’ on. So take it at what you will, I’m either going to deliver a big baby or a very healthy baby, so good news whatever day you think it is.



The baby looked very squishy compared to the first and second ultrasounds. My DH kindly pointed out that the baby was just fine and was in the fetal position. What a joker. As the baby was pretty squished together it was hard to get that picture perfect moment, however the little guy was very cooperative, so much so the tech tried out the 3D camera. Now, these photos look totally weird to me! Someone even said the baby has my nose, but I think it is a little early to tell that! It was still cool!

I am always surprised at how long these things take, which I guess is a good thing! I am always impressed by the details the tech has to look for and the measurements that are required. Baby looks healthy and all is well inside my belly, which is the most important thing! If you believe those measurements and dates etc. the baby is currently six pounds. In total, I have only gained approximately 15 pounds so it’s all baby! Hopefully this will make it easier to lose some of the weight afterwards!


My favourite picture was his little foot kicking the inside of me. We recently got a baby gift of a sleeper set and DH was like soon his feet will go in here, almost brought me to tears!

Seeing the ultrasound just makes everything oh so real!

Any day now he will be out of my belly and in our arms!


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