#ThrowbackThursday Prom


My dad and I before my prom in June 2001.

For Father’s Day I was looking back on some pictures of my dad and me when I came across my prom photos.

I love this picture; I was so excited for my orange dress, the limo my friends all rented and a night of dancing. We even went through the drive-thru at McDonalds afterwards.

As I look at this picture now, I think back to my high school days and I thought I was fat. There I said it. I don’t think I ever admitted that at the time. But I remember one of the first times I tried to wear a skirt in Grade 9 and these two boys called me names. I don’t think I dressed up much after that and stuck to my tom boy ways.

I graduated high school 15 years ago now and have since put on more weight and struggled to be healthy. I want to be able to run and play with my kids and not be ashamed of my body.

It is hard work to be confidant in your body. But I want to be happy for no one else but me. I also don’t want any body issues I may have interfere with having fun with my kids.


Wearing my swim suit with pride and having fun with John in the Lake

A few weeks ago we were at the lake and I had so much fun with my son in the water. The happiness on our faces is evident in the pictures my husband snapped of us. This week we went to the splash pad and I ran through the water in my swim suit with my son both of us laughing.

I want my kids to be confidant in their bodies and how they present themselves. I also want them to be healthy and happy but the issue of how one looks at any age seems to be always prevalent.

This week in Guelph an eight-year old girl was told to cover up as she played in a pool with no shirt on and the parents were not pleased

Parents angry after girl, 8, told to cover up at wading pool

In the story the parents say their daughter was body shamed because she had to cover up.

There are so many different ways to look at this story: pool rules state that children over four must be covered up, body development and body image just to state a few.

When John is at the pool, beach or park he is always wearing long sleeves and I know I will do the same with Lucy.

I don’t think Lucy should be embarrassed or feel ashamed of her body but I feel little girls should cover up.

Something’s are being taken too far in today’s society, for example I love looking at red carpet fashions in magazines some are amazing and some not. I just can’t understand how if a dress is a fail that is now also considered body shaming, the celebrity is trying to sell the dress for me to buy so sell it!

My prom, John running around in a diaper, or Lucy in a bathing suit or a star wearing a stunning dress should all be innocent and fun things .In the end we just need to remember to love our own bodies and have fun!


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