Singing to the Lord; kid’s style

songs 1

Our new sing along CD!

Our new sing along CD!

Desperately searching for the right kind of diaper at Walmart I came across ‘Sunday School Sing-Along’ by Fisher Price, after checking the back I knew most of these classics and picked it up for $10.

In the car ride home as I belted out these tunes I know so well John clapped after each finished and babbled along with me.

I want John and Lucy to both get to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. How we do this is not always easy. I hope that the words to these songs soon become so much more to both of my children.

We try and show Jesus to the kids by living in Him and through Him every day. I believe our actions should speak louder than our words.

When I am walking with John and Lucy I point the trees, birds, grass, flowers and more, pointing them out to the kids and telling them that Jesus made them. I hope and pray they will come to understand that Jesus made the world around us and blesses us each day.

Before bed during our prayers we always tell both kids that Jesus loves them. I want them to know without a doubt that Jesus always loves them.

In Matthew 19:14 Jesus says “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

Jesus knew how important children were to His Kingdom  and always welcomed them into his arms.

Now and always I pray that my children will feel Jesus’ loving arms around them.

We are so blessed to be welcomed and loved by two church families, Ottawa Valley Vineyard (OVV) where we regularly attend and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian where my husband grew up at and where we were married.

After Lucy and John were born our OVV family filled our freezer with food and many gifts. But what has been most important over the years is the prayers, love and support we have received from both of our extended families. I do not think I could raise my children without our second family walking hand in hand with us.

How do you strive to make Jesus present in your kid’s lives?

Does it come easy or do you really have to work at it?

Each day we end it like this:

God Bless John/Lucy, keep him/her safe, help them grow big and strong and come to know Jesus. Amen!

I pray they will come to know Jesus, His forgiveness, grace and most importantly his love.


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