Splashing around @Arnprior

John running in the perfectly trimmed grass at Robert Simpson Park in Arnprior

John running in the perfectly trimmed grass at Robert Simpson Park in Arnprior

My hometown really is beautiful.

The more I get out and explore Arnprior the more I fall in love with this town.

Now that summer is officially here John, Lucy and I have been exploring the many wonderful Arnprior Parks around town.

The biggest and the best has to be Robert Simpson Park (400 John Street) it really does have it all, splash pad, beach, lot’s of running room and a large play structure.

John on the slide

John on the slide

The first time we went it was a little cool yet for the water but John had so much fun climbing up and sliding down. Then he ran all over and up the gazebo.

Last week we packed a small bag and it was time for the splash pad! He was a little cautious at first but once he got the hang of it there was no stopping him. He ran back and forth, played with the other children and loved pushing the button for the water to turn on.



park lucy

Splash Pad fun!

Splash Pad fun!

Arnprior is really a friendly town, another mom was more than happy to share her toys with John, everyone was chatting together and overall having a good time.

It was really neat watching John lean over the water and seeing it explode out of the ground, his reaction really was priceless.

The park is filled with many large mature trees, which added the perfect amount of shade for Lucy to enjoy the fresh air as well.

The only downfall on our second visit was that after about 40 minutes in the water John spotted the slide and wanted to leave Lucy and I and run soaking wet into the sand. Well lesson learned, now I know that next time we do the park first and then hit the water.

I also can’t wait to try the beach, maybe with another adult to help with the supervision!

But this park is really one of the greatest assets in Arnprior, I encourage you to get outside and check out this amazing park! You will not be disappointed!

Let me know where is the best park in the Ottawa Valley and I just might visit it soon and blog about it too!


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