Label fun with Mabel’s Labels


As one can imagine life with two children under two can be busy. So when I recently lost and found one of John’s sippy cups at playgroup I knew it was finally time to take the plunge and order some Mabel’s Labels.

You see, at first I thought I was the Mom who would always have it all together and never lose anything, let me tell you I was wrong and I’m pretty sure that I have lost one or two things along the way. But hopefully no more as now I seem to be labelling everything.

As I mentioned I was skeptical at first, I asked friends about these cute little labels, I searched Mabel’s Labels website, I even went so far as to ask them on Twitter what they would suggest. Low and behold they answered me back the same day; I felt so important (aka awesome customer service).

Twitter Exchange with Mabel's Labels

Twitter Exchange with Mabel’s Labels

I ended up ordering the peel and stick name labels, 45 for $21…a week or so later after some free shipping and handling the water proof, durable stickers were in my hands and I started to label as soon as my son would give me his sippy cup.

I think the icing on the cake was ordering from my cousin’s fundraising page for her daughter’s school, I really felt like I was supporting them and getting something I really needed.

I think the best part, other than my piece of mind that I am now less likely to lose John’s stuff, is the fact that he recognizes the tractor on the label and points to it saying ‘tractor.’ It might be the first time that he has identified that something is his. How cool is that!

So far I have labelled:  sippy cups, new Elmo snack containers, Tupperware and wipes containers.

This product is so awesome the Arnprior Ontario Early Years Centre has decided to partner with them for a fundraiser and 20% of everything sold goes right back to the centre!

How amazing is that!

Here’s a link to the campaign:

I encourage you to order through our fundraiser and support the Centre we visit weekly and you will get a high quality product you will use too!!


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