Vacationing in my home town Part 1

Family photo my a F-18 at the National Air Force Museum

Family photo by a F-18 at the National Air Force Museum

When you see things through the eyes of a two year old everything that was old is new again. I grew up in the Quinte area, mainly Trenton and I love to go home to visit family and friends.

This year I wanted to take John to the National Air Force Museum in Trenton but I really wasn’t sure if he would like it or be bored by it all. I’ve been there many times and each time I go back there is something new and different to see.

I was totally wrong, John loved it. As soon as he walked in we had trouble keeping up with him as he ran from plane to plane. He was shouting ‘More, More!’ although I knew he did not fully understand what he was looking at, I know he was amazed at what he saw.

John running in the museum!

John running in the museum!

I remember when I was a teenager babysitting kids his age and they just sat in the wagon and did not want to get out to look at anything. Not John, we could barely keep up. He wanted to touch everything, which turned out to be a cute picture of Jason and him, as Dada pointed to the rope explaining he could not go any farther.

Don't touch John!

Don’t touch John!

The day we went it was so hot I was sweating from the parking lot to the museum; thankfully it is fully air conditioned and the cool air was beautiful. It is also fully accessible so bringing Lucy upstairs was easy as I watched Jason keep up to John. A trip to the museum would not be complete without walking around the air planes outside; again John loved the fresh air, even though we only saw half of the air planes before we turned him around.

The museum is a real gem in Trenton, just off of old Hwy 2, it is free/by donation admission and although I didn’t really get a chance to look this visit it is full of interesting historical artifacts. One of the most interesting displays is the restored Halifax Bomber from World War II, which was restored on site from 1995-2009 and is now on permanent display.

The restored WWII Halifax Bomber

The restored WWII Halifax Bomber

If you are in the Quinte Area I would encourage you to visit the museum located on the largest Air Force Base in Canada, CFB Trenton.


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