First Ultrasound




It’s hard to believe there is a little life form growing inside of me.

But there it is, a gummy bear as the ultrasound tech describe it to us.

It was a precious moment, one I will not soon forget.

There is our baby, a blessing from God.

The measurements tell us we should expect the little one sometime at the end of May or early June.

The heart was beating so fast I thought it was waving at me, it was just a little flutter. Such a small little thing all squished on the screen, hard to make anything out.

Now we wait.

I hate waiting.

So much wonder of what to do next. Everything is totally new and exciting to us.

I am glad I have a wonderful, loving caring husband to share this experience with.

Shortly after I took the tests, I got a huge confirmation that I was pregnant.

As I had my daily Tim Hortons tea and muffin something did not seem right.

I pulled over the car and tossed my muffin or cookies as they say.

Once I had some water I proceeded on to work.

Other than that I have not thrown up again due to being pregnant. I was nervous for the ultrasound and drank too much water and I had a cold that made me sick but those you can’t really blame on being pregnant.

One of the most difficult things I have found so far is what you can’t do. I was I could take cold medicine or something for my stuffy nose. But nope nothing, the only ‘safe’ thing is Tylenol, which is not a big help.

Before Christmas I was able to go shopping and was blessed with a number of maternity clothes, it all seems so strange. The one thing I did need was a new bra!

No strange cravings yet…but I am trying hard to drink more milk all be it mostly chocolate.



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