I had to take two tests.

I didn’t believe it and I still find it hard to believe.

I am officially.

This is something I have yearned for.

It seems like I have wanted to have a baby every since I was a little girl.

My DH and I knew that we wanted to have children but it has been a struggle in some regards to get to this point.

We went to our first fertility doctor appointment, after a year and a half of ‘trying’ and they sent us for a number of tests.

As I was waiting to go to the next test which had to be completed during my period I was having a number of strange symptoms: heart burn, tender breasts, tiredness etc.

One of my girl friends was like you are pregnant go and take this test tomorrow morning.

I didn’t even tell my DH that I had a test. I woke him up saying does that look like what I think it does, half asleep he went to bed.

I was not satisfied. I went to get another test.

Soon after I went to the doctors and the urine and blood confirmed things even more.

I am pregnant.

Praise God!


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