Tests Round 1


The first test!

‘Are you pregnant?’ asked the receptionist as she reviewed the requisition order I had just handed her.

Next, her eyes locked into mine, she could tell I was uncomfortable, I answered ‘No.’

‘That’s what I thought when I saw the doctors name, but I had to ask,” she concluded.

Obviously the doctor is well known and everyone must know he is a fertility doctor, so you really had to ask me this?  I understand she was just doing her job but still.

So as a defence mechanism I started to laugh and try to joke around with her about it.

‘No, I highly doubt I am pregnant, that would be great, if I was I would not be here for the test,” haha, I thought I better be nice to her as she was about to stick me with a needle.

I had arrived at the Arnprior Hospital for a glucose and insulin test that would take a little over two hours to complete. One of the side effects or tendencies with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is that you are more prone to become diabetic so here I was to have a very surgery test.

It was just before 11 a.m. and I was hungry, then she started to remind me that I had to fast for the test. I thought please don’t remind me I want food of any kind right now.

She then directed me behind the barrier to sit and have my blood taken. I hate looking at needles but there I sat, staring at them. I wondered to myself just how much blood she was going to take…?

Needles, I am not a fan!

Normally, I am fine with needles I can watch the blood and everything but today I was nervous. Were these results going to tell me I have diabetes? Would this be another road block on our journey to becoming parents? It seemed that everything rested in the ‘hands’ of those needles.

I finished the orange sugar drink, not bad…but I would not recommendit!

The ingredients for the sugar test I took

Now came the interesting part. I had to drink a special orange drink full of sugar, actually 75 grams of the stuff. I had heard that it tasted disgusting but it was actually not that bad. It reminded me of flat orange pop, no big deal. I had to drink it in five minutes or less and it was easy.

Next it was time to wait.

I had to go to the bathroom, but I was scared to leave because she said if I left the small room I would have to start the test over again.

I waited some more.

Good thing I had movies on my iPad because there was no cellular reception in the hospital basement at all. It was awkwardly busy in the waiting room and I wondered what all of the people thought as they saw me just sitting there not going up for blood.

Two hours later, after sitting on some really uncomfortable waiting room chairs, a different lab assistant tried to talk to me through my headphones. Really? You see I have headphones and my head is down watching a movie so you try to talk to me? Ok, at that point I really needed food.

Now, it was finally time for more blood work. This time hurt more, same arm, same spot, I hate pain I know! It kept bleeding for a bit too and I had to sit and wait until it was over.

Thankfully, once I was in the car I had a snack waiting for me, in reality more sugar, a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar, not eating for 14 hours deserved something!

Now it is time to wait some more.

What will these tests mean? Is my blood sugar too high? How will this change things?

The next tests must be completed at a certain ‘time’ of the month, more blood work. Great stab me with needles when I am already cranky, who came up with that great idea?

The positive is that this is a step in finding a solution and I must take everything one step at a time.

But for now if you know that I am seeing a doctor at the Ottawa Fertility Clinic please do not ask me if I am with child as the answer is still no!



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