July 8: One week ago … Happy Canada Day 2015 

July 6: Lepack Family Summer Bucket List

July 1: #WordlessWednesday Happy Canada Day! 

June 25: Throwback Thursday Prom


Sept. 9: Three months of breastfeeding

Aug 10: The Great Breast Cover Up

July 29: Breast Feeding Part Two 

July 5: Breastfeeding it’s harder than it looks

July 3: #WordlessWednesday Baby John!

May 10: Squishy ultrasound baby

May 8: Waiting for baby! 

March 15: A name? 

March 13: #Wordless Wednesday 26 weeks

March 4: Ultrasound #2

Jan. 28: First Ultrasound

Jan. 24: Pregnant


Nov. 7: #WordlessWednesday Being An Aunt X2

Sept: 24: September is PCOS Awareness month

Sept. 19: Wordless Wednesday: Change

Sept. 12: Tests Round 1

Aug: 30: Fertility Firsts

Aug: 17: Milestones and firsts


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