June 28: Singing to the Lord; kid’s style 


May 24: Reflecting on the Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby

March 11: A surprise! 

March 8: Seven Quick Takes for Friday March 8

March 6: #WordlessWednesday Winter 

Feb. 1: Flying high, I don’t like it!! 

Jan. 30: #WordlessWednesday Sunset 


Oct. 24: #WordlessWednesday Sleeping Beauty 

Oct. 21: Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal Presentation to Pam and Chris

Oct. 17: #WordlessWednesday Jubilee

Oct. 14: Celebrating 30 years, starting early!

Oct. 12: Foodie Friday: Banana Bread 

Oct. 3: #WordlessWednesday A Button fall Tree!

Sept. 30: Seven Quick Takes: Straight from the horse’s mouth 

Sept. 28: Foodie Friday: Pudding Cake 

Aug: 21: Blogging and inspiration

July 31: Fools in the Park

July 25: Crockpot Chicken Tacos

July 20: Relaxation 

July 16: Summer Lovin with my Best Bud 

July 10: Is it ok for a Christian to go to a movie such as Magic Mike?

July 9: Welcome! 


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